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  General information & disclaimer:
Logo screens, icons, and winamp skins are compressed to zip files. You will need WinZip or another unzip utility to extract them.
The logo screens have been tested on Windows95 and Windows98, while they should work with newer Windows version as well, I can't guarantee that they will. The webmaster cannot be held responsible for any damages done to your system by using any of the downloads provided on this site.
Please note that these instructions are "as is", i.e. I don't provide any tech support on how to use the downloads other than what is on this page and/or included as readme files with the respective downloads. If you follow the instructions step by step, things should work just fine, but I just don't have the time to answer individual suport queries.

Logo Screens
To use any of the logo screens here on your machine, download the image you want, and extract the .zip file. It will extract to 'something.bmp' (e.g. 'spikelogo.bmp'). Then rename the extracted file to:

  • logo.sys for use as start up logo (while Windows is loading)
  • logow.sys for use as wait logo (while your pc is shutting down)
  • logos.sys for use as turn off logo.

Now take a moment to backup your present logo screens in a separate directory somewhere. The default startup logo.sys is in your root directory (usually C:\), the logow.sys and the logos.sys screens are in the C:\Windows directory. When you have backed them up, put the new screens in the appropriate directories and reboot your computer to see them in action.

There are various shareware and freeware programs that make changing logos a lot more comfortable though. You can download some from FREETHEMES (go to the Editors & Tools section, then Startup / Shutdown Screen Editors).

Winamp Skins
To use the Winamp Skins, you need to have the Winamp player installed on your computer (for more info on Winamp, see winamp.com).
Download the skin you want, and simply move the .zip file (you don't need to un-zip it) into your skins folder (usually C:\programs\winamp\skins). Now you can select the skin from the Winamp menu.

Hotbar is a special feature that allows you to use images to "skin" your browser. It works best with Internet Explorer 4 or newer (there is a Netscape version available for NN 4.08 or newer, but it doesn't seem very stable, it tends to crash Netscape. I would only recommend using hotbar when you're using Internet Explorer).
To use the skins, you must have hotbar installed on your computer.

Just click on one of the preview images to use the skin; if you already have hotbar installed, the skin will be added to your private collection. If you don't have hotbar yet, you will be prompted to install it. For more info, check out hotbar.com.


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