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The copyright to all these articles belongs to their respective author / publication, no copyright infringement is intended. If you enjoy an article, please buy the magazine in which it originally appeared.

Articles are listed chronologically with the latest one on top. New additions are marked with an icon.  (Thanks to the fans who bring some of  these to our attention.)

Marsters to Leave Spike Behind   New!
            Boston Now Online  (November 5, 2007)

Torchwood/Dr. Who Star John Barrowman Speaks Out  (James mention)
            MediaBlvd Online Magazine  (September 2007)

Buffy Star's Joy at Torchwood Job
           BBC News Online (July 2007)

Checking in with James Marsters
            Entertainment Weekly.com (August 24, 2007)

Brainiac Speaks!
           WizardEntertainment.com (March 29, 2006)

The Magazine@Millarworld.TV (December 1, 2005)

Celeb Spotlight: James Marsters
 People Online (Thursday Oct 27, 2005)
KZOK Radio interview with Bob Rivers
 (Thursday, October 20, 2005)
From Spike to Smallville
 Relish Online - Winston Salem Journal Reporter (October 15, 2005)
James Marsters by Andrew Williams
 Metro Cafe Online (April 27th, 2005)
Angelís James Marsters Rocks On
 TVguide.com (January 6, 2004)
"Buffy" Fans Gather One Last Time
 An Article by Kaytee Thrun in the Chicago Daily Herald. (June 2003)
Marsters Remembers  Cutting Teeth
 An Article by Kaytee Thrun in the Chicago Daily Herald. (May 2003)
James talks to Cinescape about his work on Buffy, a couple of the recent Season 6 episodes and how the network move has affected the show. (March 2002)

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