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Articles & Interviews 2001

The copyright to all these articles belongs to their respective author / publication, no copyright infringement is intended. If you enjoy an article, please do buy the magazine it originally appeared in.

Bloody Good!
Short questionnaire-type thing with James from YM magazine (November 2001).

Buffy's Bad Boy
James talks to TV Zone (#144, November 2001) about Spike's development throughout the last season, and his future on Buffy.

Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher
Transcript of James Marsters' appearance on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher on October 15, 2001.

James answers a couple of questions for Starburst magazine (#278, October 2001).

The Vampire They Hate to Love
James talks to TeenHollywood.com about the end of Buffy's fifth season, and Spike's future on the show. (September 17, 2001)

It's Only Rock & Roll But I Spike It!
Excerpt from a longer Four Star Mary article from SFX (#81, August 2001).

James answers a couple of Spike-related questions for Seventeen magazine (August 2001).

Music of the Night
James talks about his musical ambitions (UK Buffy magazine 22, June 2001).

This Vampire Rocks!
Interview with James from Entertainment Tonight (April 27, 2001).

Raising The Stakes
James talks to Australian TV Scene (April 15 - 21 2001).

I'm Coming To Australia
Interview with James from Australian "Big Hit" magazine about his upcoming trip to Australia and New Zealand (#26, May 2001).

The Spike Who Loved Me
James talks to SFX about the recent development of Spike and about his future on "Buffy" (#77, April 2001).

In Bed with Buffy...
James Marsters talks with Cult Times (# 66, March 2001) about the latest developments regarding Spike's feelings for Buffy.

Killer Threads
Short James Marsters interview from TheWB.com (February 2001).

And They Called It Vampire Love ...
Zap2It.com interview with Buffy writer David Fury, James Marsters and Juliet Landau (February 09, 2001).

The Art Of Being James Marsters
Another short questionnaire with James from TheWB.com (January 2001).

Once Bitten
James talks to TheWB.com about his alter ego Spike (January 2001).

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