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Articles & Interviews  1997-1999

The copyright to all these articles belongs to their respective author / publication, no copyright infringement is intended. If you enjoy an article, please do buy the magazine it originally appeared in.

Articles are listed chronologically with the latest one on top. New additions are marked with an icon.

Interview with Modesto's Vampire
Article about James from The Modesto Bee (December 17, 1999).

Marsters Of The Universe
Interview with James from the Indiana Herald Times, December 17, 1999.

JM E! Online Chat
Transcript of the Watch With Wanda Chat with James Marsters held on E! Online on December 13, 1999

Spike Up Your Life [outside link]
Interview with James at Vulkon '99 (November 13 in Florida) from The 11th Hour (December 99)

Welcome To His Marvelous Nightmare
Article about James from Entertainmenteen Magazine, December 1999.

Confession Corner
James tells Cosmo Girl (Oct/Nov 1999) about an embarrassing fan encounter.

Who's Hot
Ultimate TV interview with James (originally appeared in The Seattle Times); read the original here.

Interview With The Vampire
'Railroad' Spike shows the lighter side of his nature to DreamWatch (#62, October 1999), as he extols the virtues of working against the Slayer and her pals...

Transcript of the Teen People Online Chat with James Marsters held on AOL on October 21, 1999.

James Marsters on his future on 'Buffy' and 'Angel' and Spike's relationship to Angel (XPOSÉ Special #9, fall 1999)

Spike Speaks
James Marsters comments on his role on BTVS, the Earshot / Graduation cancellation issue, growing up in Modesto, his time at Juilliard, and other things. Interview from Horror Online (October 1999)

Golden spike James Marsters' nasty vampire becomes a regular on 'Buffy' this fall
Article about James becoming a regular on Buffy (The Kansas City Star, September 30 1999)

After Midnight
James Marsters talks about his alter ego's past, present, and future in this interview from the official Buffy magazine (# 4, summer 1999)

Dark Horse Interview
James Marsters talks about his involvment in the Spike & Dru Comic book, his other works, and his work on Buffy in this lengthy interview from Dark Horse Comics (early 1999); the original article can be found here.

Sharp Spike
James Marsters talks with Cult Times Special (# 9, Spring 1999) about his role on Buffy as well as his appearance on Millenium.

Spike & Drusilla
A little bit of info on Spike & Dru, from their arrival in "School Hard" up to "Lovers Walk" (Cult Times Special # 9, Spring 1999)

Westfield Interview
James Marsters talks about the Spike & Dru Comic (Worlds Of Westfield, February 1999. Read the original article here)

Star Bytes
Starburst presents some highlights from Creation's November 1998 Buffy convention (Starburst Winter Special, #39, early 99)

Vampire Bytes
Interview with James Marsters from Starburst magazine (# 246, February 1999)

Love Bites
A "bloody fascinating interview" with Spike & Dru from the official Buffy magazine (# 2, winter 1998)

Interview With The Vampires
James Marsters, Juliet Landau, and David Boreanaz talk to TV Guide about the vampiric love triangle on BTVS (July 25, 1998)

An Undead Kind Of Love
James Marsters & Juliet Landau on Spike & Dru; interview from Mania magazine (May 1, 1998); the original article can be found here.

A Couple Of Suckers
Spike & Dru share their views about un-life with Entertainment Weekly (October 31, 1997)

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